About Us

The GratuityCalculatorUAE.Com is an online platform to calculate total gratuity for limited and unlimited contract types in UAE.

The calculation of gratuity is a bit confusing for many people. At GratuityCalculatorUAE.Com, we provide a Live Gratuity Calculator that anyone can use to calculate the gratuity amount based on basic salary, contract type, end of employment method and service years.

The GratuityCalculatorUAE.Com shares an explanation about how to calculate gratuity in UAE and the formula for calculation of gratuity as per UAE government rules & regulations. So, the readers can check the guideline shared here to learn the formula and methods for calculating gratuity in United Arab Emirates.

Who Can Access GratuityCalculatorUAE.Com

All local and expatriate employees working in UAE can access GratuityCalculatorUAE.Com to calculate gratuity easily. This gratuity calculator works as per government rules and it is applicable in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah.

Our Goal

We have set a goal to help expat employees and local workers to find their gratuity amount in seconds. The purpose of GratuityCalculatorUAE.Com is to provide easy & quick calculation of gratuity in UAE and save your valuable time.

About Author – Abdul Rehman

I have 10+ years of experience of working as an employment consultant and advisor in UAE. So, i have complete knowledge about the Gratuity System in UAE and how to calculate gratuity for termination, end of contract and resignation of the employee.

For your queries on any topic/content shared on GratuityCalculatorUAE.Com, feel free to write to me by filling up the Contact Us form.