The expat workers in UAE are entitled for end of service gratuity on job termination or end-of-contract. But they do not know how to calculate gratuity in UAE and that is where our team offers the best possible service for free.

At Gratuity Calculator UAE (Website), we provide a live online gratuity calculator for our dear UAE expat workers/employees. Our gratuity calculator is free for everyone and it is quite easy to use. We have also shared the gratuity formula and other important information.

Here we provide the services that we offer on our Gratuity Calculator UAE Portal;

  • Online Gratuity Calculator:

We have created a live gratuity calculator for UAE expats. It is quite easy to use, the employees just need to enter their basic salary, joining date and termination date to calculate their gratuity in 30 seconds.

  • Gratuity Calculation Formula:

We have collected the official data from UAE Labour Law and shared the gratuity calculation formula with our readers. So, the expat workers can use the formula to calculate their gratuity manually without any confusion.

  • Limited v/s Unlimited Contracts:

The UAE employer can hire the expat workers under a limited contract or an unlimited contract. The gratuity formula is different for limited and unlimited contract. We provide the accurate formula with example to help foreign workers calculate their end of service gratuity easily.

  • Gratuity Claim Form and Expert Guide:

The expat workers have less knowledge about how to claim gratuity after job termination in UAE. We have shared the gratuity claim form sample and our expert guide to make it super easy for the employees.

  • Complaint for Gratuity Delay or Denial:

As per UAE Labour Law, the employer must pay pending salaries/wages and gratuity in 14 days of termination/end of contract. If the employer delays or denies to pay gratuity, the employee can use our guide to file a complaint against the employer for gratuity delay and seek legal help for gratuity settlement.